Digital Education, Transforming Thai Education & Increasing Equal Learning Oppotunities for All

Digital Education, Transforming Thai Education & Increasing Equal  Learning Oppotunities for All

Digital Education, Transforming Thai Education & Increasing Equal

Learning Oppotunities for All


A significant panel talk for public and private sectors was hosted to address a direction of Thai education with digital technologies, hoping to transform learning into educational digital system, reducing gaps, and creating equality to increase opportunities for all to access knowledge and innovative technology. The purpose is to improve human resources and nation to increase competency skills up to the global standard.


On 21 March, 2018  at Chaophaya Park Hotel, Bangkok, Genesis MediaCom, an educational multimedia creator for 20 years, hosted a panel talk on the topic of “21st Century Education with Digital System: National Human Development for Global Competence”. Together with Mr. Somkiat Sankapong, Senior Advisor in Technology for Teaching and Learning, Mr. Surapol Ploysook, Vice President of Department of Skill Development, Assistant Profestor Chawalit Zoongyai, Director, SWU Prasarnmit Secondary Demonstration School, Dr. Monsinee Keeratikrainon, Thailand Partner and Country Director of Detecon Asia-Pacific Ltd., Mr. Nick Hutton, Regional Director, Asia of D2L Asia Pte. Co., Ltd, and Mr. Sanunpong Sookhadee, President of Thailand's Future Association – TFA; the panel talk is hosted by Dr. Wit Sittivaekin.


                Mr. Witaya Mitsattha, a managing director of Genesis MediaCom, said that changes in technologies nowadays make people become more alert and active to utilize innovation and technologies for education. Especially when it’s all changing in every society, stepping into a full digital era, educational concepts must adapt by integrating ICT & digital tools into teaching and human resource development. These innovations that respond to changes and various developed countries use them prevalently are “educational solutions or digital platform”. They are used for problem solving, developing, and supporting high quality education. Genesis MediaCom has developed the digital platform with global standard and quality, as well as our contents, tools, and self-education resources.

These include tools that will pass on knowledge in all aspects that will meet expectations of schools, human development institutes, organizations, and experts for effective learning at a low cost. This is incredibly important as a force that pushes Thai society forward to a learning society, reduce educational gaps, increase opportunity for all to access knowledge and high quality and innovative technology, which all align with a government’s policy, Thailand 4.0.


 “Apart from brainstorming and exchanging knowledge and opinions, this panel talk will introduce you to the digital platform system, which is a tool that facilitates effective teaching these days. By creating a learning ecosystem, forming a personalized learning, and one-on-one tutoring, these processes allow individual teaching, improving, and assessment. Moreover, this allows teachers to manager differences in foundation of each student, while still having a student-centred education and having personalized learning which will be useful for numbers of students in classrooms, in schools, and in school districts since they can establish a database. From a database to big data to educational big data, we are able to analyze the data and turn it into educational analytical information to use it for creating strategy plans. This is also valuable for managers who will use this tool to create policy for our country. We want this vision to come true in the near future.” Mr. Witaya explained.


For modern education, we focus on flexibility, we don’t focus on a fixed-plan and we emphasize success, which is a learner’s result. We apply “play activity”, since all children do like that, to education, making game-based learning and gamification possible. These educational games allow easy knowledge access, low at cost, and convenience; making it more fun for learners to learn and memorize better.


Genesis MediaCom has been developing an application called QuizBook, an application that supports learning through questions and answers. The contents cover general knowledge such as academic and non-academic knowledge, health, exercises, food, medicines, entertainment, arts, history, and world knowledge etc. There are more than 50,000 questions, learners can play it against AI-robot or invite friends to compete even though they are physically not together. Another system is a project-based learning, which is a teaching through a project where students brainstorm, work as a team, and have fun together. Another example of modern education system which is a location based game, an application with a QR code. Additionally, digital diary, daily journaling helps children to think creatively and sharpen their writing skills. We can see that modern educaiton will occur through experiences of critically thinking, creating projects, exchanging thoughts via learning ecosystem the same way as a social network education.




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